Dealer Groups/ Advisers

In Australia, arthritis sale dealer groups and their advisers have demonstrated early and accelerating adoption of ETFs in their businesses.  They increasingly understand the need to adapt to demonstrate value, check health retain clients and maintain profitability.  They are seeing the benefit of blending ETFs into their existing portfolios to manage risk, control cost, provide diversification and above all, build the portfolios they want for their clients.  ETF Consulting works with the following clients:

Co-ordinating unique ETF components - Dealers/Advisers

Co-ordinating unique ETF components - Dealers/Advisers

Dealer groups
Boutique practices
Private Wealth managers
Private Banks
Administration platforms

  • Comprehensive education, CPD and training programmes
  • Ability to sharpen and complement their existing sales training and initiatives
  • Training via various delivery mechanisms – PD roadshow, PC on-line sessions
  • On-going client service retainer for advisers or sales teams
  • Investment Committee support – including ETFs on APLs
  • 3rd party speaker and consultant for PD days, roadshows, training support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I assess these investment tools for my dealer group or business?
  • Are they critical for growth or client retention?
  • How do advisers engage clients and sell value using ETFs?
  • How should I assess ETFs versus managed funds, direct shares and other investments?
  • What might the inclusion of ETFs do for the economics of my business/ dealer group?
  • In light of FOFA, how do I provide best practice knowledge of ETFs for our Risk and Compliance activities?
  • How does my business manage the increasing volume of ETF information into something meaningful and productive for advisers?