Access ETF model portfolios from the ETF experts

Now you can:

  • Construct a portfolio CORE by matching the risk/ return profile of your client with the most appropriate ETF model portfolio
  • Easily blend with active managers
  • Simply invest in the appropriate CORE portfolio
  • Make the investment discussion with your clients simpler and easier
  • Access FREE education content for SMSF trustees and clients
  • Receive portfolio reporting for client reviews and administration

Portfolios are available for a fixed price so whether you have 5 clients or 55 clients needing ETF portfolios, sale order advisers can access the ETF Model Portfolios expertise for the one price.

“Don’t get the asset allocation right and the manager selection wrong!”


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    Why CORE Portfolios?
  • Play a core role in portfolios and enable advisers and accountants to provide cost effective asset allocations based on standard risk profiles.
  • Assist advisers and accountants in meeting specific FOFA tests relating to “client best interest”, “commission bans” and “conflicted remuneration” issues.
  • Smarter investing
  • Lower fees
  • Easy diversification
  • Tax efficiency
  • ETF expertise
    Benefits to advisers
  • Easy for advisers, easy for clients
  • Simple to explain – easier investment conversation
  • Focus on meaningful advice dialogue
  • Low cost and diversified
  • Avoid clients paying excessive fees and costs
  • Free education and accreditation
  • Supportive of FOFA regulations and scaled advice
  • Manage SMSF portfolios more easily
    Benefits to your clients
  • Lower fees leads to more $$$ in fund
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to monitor and administer
  • Using leading investment tools
  • Free ETF education programme