Our Difference

We provide professional, specific  and impartial advice to investors and issuers, using or looking to use ETFs to innovate and improve their business.

We provide practical knowledge and specialist insights to our clients enabling them to make informed decisions to accelerate their business through the inclusion of ETFs.

ETF Consulting:

  • provides expertise specifically to Exchange Traded Funds.
  • transfers our unique ETF knowledge and insights to our clients’ business
  • contributes a total ETF perspective by factoring in all  relevant facets of our clients’ business (sales, product, compliance, risk, business management, stakeholder management)
  • complements your existing business model and expertise
  • focuses on your requirements, your time frames and your budget.

ETF Consulting has:

  • built business cases,
  • commenced an ETF business
  • sold ETFs
  • run distribution teams
  • worked with all the key participants (ASX, market makes, registries, administration platforms, brokers etc)

Ask yourself these questions in light of your business plans

  • How do I assess these investment tools for my dealer group or business?
  • Are they critical for business growth or client retention?
  • How do advisers engage their clients and sell value using ETFs?
  • How should I assess ETFs versus managed funds, direct shares and other investments?
  • What might the inclusion of an ETF offering do for the economics and branding of my business?
  • In light of FOFA, how do I provide best practice knowledge and application of ETFs – especially for Risk and Compliance satisfaction?
  • How does my business manage the increasing volume of ETF information into something meaningful and productive?
  • Does having an ETF capability attract more advisers to my dealer group?