Industry stat #1: “Marked increase growth of ETFs in Australia over the last 5 years. Currently more than 80 ETFs/ ETCs on ASX.”    Industry stat #2: "By the end of 2018, we forecast the ETF/ ETP segment to surpass AUM of $50 billion." Source: ETF Consulting    Industry stat #3: “the main barriers to ETF investment are lack of familiarity and understanding of the products” Source: BetaShares/ Investment Trends ETF Report 2011    Industry stat #4: “the influence of advisers is increasing with 30% of investors discussing ETFs with their adviser (financial planner, stockbroker), up from 18% in 2009” Source: BetaShares/ Investment Trends ETF Report 2011.    Industry stat #5: “27% of advisers (surveyed) are planning to implement ETFs in the future. Source: BetaShares/ Investment Trends ETF Report 2011”    Industry stat #6: “number of ETFs investors forecast to increase by 35-50% by end of 2012.” Source: BetaShares/ Investment Trends ETF Report 2011    Industry stat #7: “In the US, 6 of the top 10 most traded equity securities are ETFs”    Industry stat #8: The US mutual fund industry took approx 66 years to reach US$1 trillion in assets - in comparison the US ETF industry which began in 1993 took just 18 years to reach the same milestone. Source: ETF Landscape - Celebrating 10 years of ETFs in Australia. BlackRock June 2011.


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